Steamworks is the 2017 FIRST FRC game. There are two adventurer clubs with alliances of three teams. Each team prepares for a long distance airship race by collecting fuel to build steam pressure, installing gears to engage rotors, and climbing aboard for lift off! The airship best prepared for flight when the launch timer reaches zero- wins! Teams may preload up to 10 fuel elements and 1 gear on each robot. There are five hoppers surrounding the field each containing 100 fuel elements. Additional fuel and gears are available at the alliance loading station. During the first 15 seconds of the match, robots are autonomous. They work to reach their baseline, score fuel, in their boiler, or deliver gears to their airship. Five points for delivering gears, one point for scoring one fuel elements in the top goal, and one point for three fuel elements in the bottom goal of the boiler (in the autonomous period). You receive 60 points for turning a rotor. During the following two minute and 15 second teleoperated period, human drivers remotely control their robots. In the teleoperated period, 3 fuel elements scored in the top goal of the boiler is one point, 9 fuel elements in the bottom goal of the boiler is one point. Human Players located behind the Alliance Station Wall deliver gears and recycled fuel to robots through the Loading Stations. The more fuel scored in the boiler, the higher the steam pressure climbs. Alliances earn points for the amount of steam pressure built - the pressure over a certain level earns an additional bonus. Each airship has 4 rotors with some gears missing. Gears delivered to the airship are retrieved by the airship pilots, who then place them in the gear train to engage and spin up the rotors. Each rotor requires an increasing number of gears to become engaged. 40 points are awarded for each airship rotor turning by the end of the match - airships spinning all 4 rotors also earn an additional bonus. Toward the end of the match, Pilots deploy ropes for their robots to climb aboard! Alliances earn 50 points for each robot secured aboard the airship at the end of the match. Alliance with the highest score at the end of the match wins! To learn more about the rules and game play, visit this site here.

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The Field Layout


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