The mechanical sub-team plays a large part in building the robot. They use metal to fabricate a frame and make drive trains to traverse any obstacle a game may possess. Once the year's challenge is revealed, the mechanical sub-team makes prototypes to discover how to best approach the game. After a design is finalized, they build different sub-assemblies, including claws, lifts, rollers, and more, to attach to the frame of the robot. 


The electrical sub-team transforms the robot from a  hulk of metal into a functioning machine. They power and wire the different sub-assemblies, making the robot move in whatever way necessary. The electrical sub-team also assists the mechanical sub-team in creating the prototypes each year. 


The pneumatics sub-team uses air powered tubes to accomplish many tasks. They help claws open and close, arms raise and lower, and wheels go up and down. 


The programming sub-team writes code for the robot. Games usually begin with a small autonomous period. Programming creates routes for the robot to use during this period. This sub-team also codes a vision tracking system. Without this system, it would very difficult to aim during games.


The CAD sub-team designs 3D elements for the robot. CAD stands for computer aided design. Using PTC Creo, CAD 3D prints parts for the robot that would be difficult to build using conventional methods. They are also able to assemble the robot virtually, so that the team knows where each part of the robot should go in relation to each other.


Strategy familiarizes themselves with the rules of the year's game as well as the robots of that year in order to help our team succeed. Every year this sub-team creates a rules quiz to make sure the rest of the team understands the game. During tournaments, the strategy sub-team is a dedicated scouting team. They see how other robots perform and compare their strategies with ours. This way we can create an effective team in elimination rounds of tournaments.


The business sub-team is burdened with the formidable task of funding the team. This sub-team presents to companies in the hopes of getting sponsors from them. As well as financing the team, the business sub-team creates a business plan and is in charge of the chairman's award. 


Outreach spreads the word of FIRST to the community. This sub-team organizes outreach events for the team, including the FLL tournament and books & bots. Outreach also organizes attending events to show how cool robotics is to the community. The team participates in STEMFest, SummerFest, and the Maker Faire. 


The logistics sub-team creates constructs field elements for the team. The team uses these field elements to test the capabilities of the robot. When logistics is done building field elements, they do research and dishevelment.








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