FLL Marquette Regional Tournament

Our team hosts the largest FLL Tournament in Wisconsin, with 63 teams and over 1000 attendees. It spans 2 days with half the teams attending the first day and the other half the second day.

 Book and Bots

Members of our team go to different libraries to present our robot and read books to kids. We created our own book, McGuire: Meek to Magnificent, that we also read to the kids. The books is about our 2012 robot McGuire, who was very different than the other robots at the tournament.


Hilltopper Robotics and other teams get together to do a mock competition during SummerFest that passer-byes can watch.

Merit Badge Workshop

We host a Boys Scouts Merit Badge Workshop to introduce Boy Scouts to robotics and STEM.

Poster Contest

Kids from 1st through 5th grade send in posters of robots that they came up with. The team picks winners that come to Marquette University High School for a day to experience what it is like to be part of a high school robotics team.


outreach 3

outreach 2

outreacch 1

Kid Robot