Nothing But Net

Nothing but Net is the 2015-2016 Vex game. The game lasts two minutes and is played on a 12'x12' field. Two teams of two robots try to win by scoring the most points. Robots score by shooting balls at goals. The match starts with a fifteen second autonomous period. In this time time, the two teams shoot balls into their goals without the assistance of humans. At the end of the autonomous period, whichever team scored the most goals gets ten points. Directly after the autonomous period, the tele-operated period begins. In this time, robots score while being controlled by humans. If robots score in the the low goal, they get one point. If they score in the high goal they get five points. There is also a small amount of bonus balls that give double points. At the end of the game a robot can raise its ally to get an additional twenty-five or fifty points depending on how high the ally is raised.

Game reveal trailer

Vex 1

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